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Pool Startups Experts in San Diego County

After you finish filling your brand new or newly remodeled pool, every second of the next few weeks is crucial for the look, feel, and longevity of your pool’s plaster. If the correct measures are not taken, then your pool can start to deteriorate before your even get to enjoy it.

GL Pools is one of the largest swimming pool startup service providers in San Diego; our team handles the process from start to finish, balancing your water chemistry, managing the filter, automation, and pool pump startup process, and communicating with you every step of the way. Let our team put your pool on a path to looking great for years to come!

The Swimming Pool Startup & Plaster Process

Let’s start with the basics. The surface of your pool can be comprised of many different materials including vinyl, fiberglass, plaster, quartz, and many more. Each finishing material has a detailed “swimming pool startup” procedure that ensures the finish cures and is set up for many years of use. After filling your pool using a nonabrasive water source, our trained technicians will monitor the Langelier Saturation Index (LSI) to prevent the plaster from etching or scaling. After compiling the results from the LSI, we will then add the appropriate amount of swimming pool startup chemicals to reach the goal readings of calcium, pH, Total Alkalinity, and water temperature.

New pool plaster can take up to 30 days to fully cure depending on conditions. The first five days are the most crucial in maintaining perfect water chemistry. During this time, we set the equipment to run 24/7 to keep water moving and pool filter cleaning. On the first day, our team adjusts the water chemistry accordingly while never letting the new dry pool startup chemicals sit on the pool surface. We use a special brush vacuum and soft bristle brush to pull any leftover dust from the surface and backwash the filter when necessary to release the contaminants.

The second day of our swimming pool startup process consists of maintaining perfect water chemistry and again brushing the pool using a soft bristle brush. On the third and fourth days of a swimming pool startup we repeat our process from days one and two while paying close attention to detail and monitoring the plaster for any abnormalities. At this time, we will introduce a non-stabilized chlorine to maintain a safe level of 3-5ppm. On the last day, we continue to test the water chemistry and brush any rough spots in the plaster. After day five, the pool is ready to be maintained by one of our excellent pool startup service technicians keeping your pool crystal clear and ready to swim.

Included Pool Startup Tasks & Services

  • Prime and start all pool equipment (including pool pump startup)
  • Filter programming
  • Pool automation programming and set up
  • Brush pool walls and floors
  • Remove plugs
  • Cut air line, test and clear jets
  • Install equipment labels
  • Check and balance water chemistry
  • and much more!

Relax and Let Us Handle Your Pool Startup

Our NPC certified staff has handled hundreds of pool startup across the county; we have the experience to turn your pool startup into a stress-free endeavor. Contact us today for advice on chemicals for pool startup or a quote on service!