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Swimming Pool Pump Motor Replacement & Repair at GL Pools

A pool or spa pump motor is arguably the most important individual mechanical piece on the entire equipment pad. Without a functioning motor, a pool pump cannot generate any movement of water flow and will leave you with a stagnant body of water. Without properly and promptly taking care of pool pump motor repair, heaters will not function, filtration cannot occur, and the water quality will quickly decline. When pool motor replacement or repair is needed on a “feature” pump such as a jet boost, sheer descent, waterfall or slide, these functions of the pool system may not work correctly or at all until the pool pump motor replacement or repair is completed. Our team can help with any San Diego swimming pool repair.

“How do I know if I need swimming pool motor repair?”

Granted, occasionally pool motors will fail completely without warning, but often they show signs that an attentive pool professional would be able to discern. The following early warnings may help in the diagnosis and prevention of an expensive new pool motor installation:

  • Audial clues such as grinding, scratching or squealing sounds
  • Visual clues including rust, leaks, burn marks
  • Pool filtration issues including slow starting pumps, or power reduction in pumps
  • Pool Pump Motor Replacement and Repair

Pool Pump Motor Replacement and Repair

“Preventative Maintenance: Don’t start today by doing yesterday’s work.”

One of the best value adds of a partnership with GL is our genuine care for what we see in your backyard. We know the additional costs and downtime associated with deferred maintenance, and always seek to improve the quality of life surrounding your pool by being one step ahead of the problems when possible. When the sights and sounds of potential maintenance issues arise, our pool service technicians are trained to catch and report the issues to both the client through our service emails, as well as to our highly qualified in-house repair team. Our goal is to keep costs down, and keep the system protected and efficiently operating. Our pool motor repair team can diagnose the issues further and offer the options necessary to correct the problems before they become more serious. Our pool pump motor repair steps include:

  • Mechanical seal rebuilds
  • Voltage checks
  • Diagnosis and repair of internal parts (shaft, impeller, seals, etc.)
  • Grounding and bonding
  • Capacitor diagnosis and replacement
  • Building code restrictions and building code updates
  • Pool Pump Motor Replacement

Though preventive swimming pool maintenance can extend the predictive life of a piece of equipment, eventually everything mechanical will reach the point of needing replacement. This process starts with a conversation between GL Pools and our clients to understand the function needed and desired of the new piece of equipment, as well as an understanding of energy efficiency benefits and current local and federal regulations. When considering a pool motor repair or replacement, please start the process with a call to our friendly knowledgeable repair team.

Cost Of Pool Pump Repair In San Diego

At GL Pools in San Diego, our pool pump repair services are designed to provide cost-effective solutions while maintaining the highest quality. Our pricing structure starts at $250 and can go up to $500, to include all aspects of pool pump repairs. Our dedicated technicians prioritize thorough diagnostics, offering clients the best options for resolving equipment issues.

We understand the importance of budget, demand, and timeline constraints. We take pride in our ability to prolong the life of your existing equipment whenever possible. Our comprehensive pump repair services encompass mechanical seal rebuilds, wet end replacements, installation of high-temperature plumbing unions, and much more. Your pool’s performance and longevity are our top priorities.

Pool Motor Installation

Once a quote has been discussed and approved, GL Pools pool motor repair technicians will arrive outfitted with everything they need to complete the pool pump motor repair. This process will be done smoothly with great communication, including an email report with photos sent immediately upon completion of the job. If your new pool motor replacement requires additional steps for usage, GL Pools repair techs will be happy to assist in providing an orientation with the installation so that you have comfort and confidence in your new pool pump motor.

Contact a San Diego Pool Pump Motor Repair Technician Near You

Local building codes and federal swimming pool laws are constantly changing. Stay ahead of the changes by staying informed and working with compliant companies. If you are wondering if you need a pool motor replacement or repair, why not start with a call to friendly professionals who are happy to help. Call GL Pools at 877-707-7665 or click here to get a free quote today!