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Pool Mastic Repair Near You

If you own an inground pool that is made of concrete (as most San Diego pool owners do), your pool has an edge around it called a ‘coping’. This coping extends up to your pool deck to provide a seamless surface on which to walk and play around your pool. The gap between your pools coping and deck is typically filled with a flexible and water-resistant adhesive called pool mastic.

Why does pool mastic exist? The seal between your pool and the surrounding deck is an important one; if water penetrates between the two it could affect the structural integrity of your pool, producing cracks in the substructure and limiting its useful life. Instead, we want any pool water runoff to flow to the drains and away from our pool.

Pool mastic repair is the solution to keeping your pool viable. The mastic joint is filled in with an expanding sealant that creates an airtight seal between your pool and patio, ensuring safety and enjoyment for years to come.

How Do I Know If I Need Pool Mastic Repair?

As the pool owner, you are in the best position to evaluate the integrity of your pool’s mastic joint. A service technician who visits your property regularly – as is the case with GL Pools’ weekly pool cleaning plans – will also be cognizant of the condition and will report if it needs pool mastic repair. A visual inspection of your pool’s mastic will give you a good idea whether the seal has been compromised and pool mastic repair needed. Any stretch of mastic that appears dried or cracked, is missing, or is not sitting flush with the level of the coping and deck should be repaired or replaced immediately.

Pool Mastic Repair or Replacement?

It is not uncommon for pool owners to complete a pool mastic repair or replacement multiple times over a lifetime of owning a pool. Depending on the brand of pool mastic repair used and the environment of your pool, these joints can dry and crack making them unfit to keep the elements out. It is also natural for your pool and the surrounding earth to move slightly over time, changing sealing needs.

Sometimes, pool mastic repair can be made without a complete installation of new sealant (parts of the existing expansion joint may be able to be repaired depending on their age and condition) Your GL Pools pool repair technician will assess the current state of your pool’s expansion joint to find the most cost-effective and viable long-term solution.

Trust GL Pools’ Pool Mastic Repair Experts

You don’t have to tackle your pool coping repair or mastic replacement in San Diego alone. The pool service team at GL Pools has completed hundreds of pool mastic repairs across San Diego County and would be happy to help you with yours! Let our team take the stress out of pool mastic repair – contact us today for advice or a quote!