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Pool Filter Cleaning Service in San Diego

Have you ever noticed that your pool water quality isn’t as clear as it used to be? Has algae begun to grow in numerous places around your pool? Has your automatic pool cleaner been especially sluggish lately? One likely reason why all of these things could be happening is because you are in need of a pool filter cleaning.

Your filter is responsible for catching all the debris and particles that are too small to be caught in your pump or skimmer baskets. Things like dirt, lotion/sunscreen, skin cells, hair gel/spray, and numerous other things get caught on the filter grids or cartridges and prevent it from returning back into your pool. You need pool filter cleaning when your filter gets too dirty, and water flow is restricted, allowing less actual filtration to happen, thus causing the problems listed above. Additionally, lack of filtration could lead to unsafe swimming conditions for you and your family.

It is also important to inspect the internal components on the filter regularly to make sure that there are no cracks or rips that could allow particles to pass back through into the pool.

Pool Filter Cleaning Service – Part of A Good Pool Maintenance Regimen

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Here at GL Pools, a top-rated swimming pool maintenance company near you, we usually recommend having your pool filter cleaned, including an inspection every 3-6 months, depending on usage, the size of your pool, and the size of your pool’s filter. This ensures that your pool stays crystal clear, and safe, and won’t need pool algae treatment year-round.

San Diego pool filter cleanings are scheduled automatically by our team based on the schedule determined at the initiation of your pool cleaning service plan. You do not have to be present in order for us to remove and clean your filter; our repair and service technicians will complete the job with minimal disruption to your pool and property and get your pool looking great in no time!

Pool Filter Service and Maintenance We Offer

Pool and Spa Filter Cleaning

  • DE Filter Cleaning – Diatomaceous Earth (DE) filters rely on powdered diatomaceous earth to filter debris. During a DE Filter cleaning, our technicians will backwash the filter, recharge with fresh DE, and if needed provide a thorough cleaning of the filter grids.
  • Pool Cartridge Filter Cleaning – For San Diego pools with cartrige filter, our technicians will clean the filter on a regular basis. We’ll also monitor the condition of the filter and recommend replacement when needed.
  • Sand Filter Cleaning – If your pool uses a sand filter, our technicians will provide regular cleaning, including backwashing, removal of debris, and any additional maintenance required.

Pool and Spa Filter Repair & Maintenance

As part of pool filter cleaning service, our technicians will monitor the overall condition of your pool filter and will recommend repairs or additional maintenance steps that will help keep your filter in good operating condition and extend the life of your filter.
  • DE Pool Filter Maintenance and Pool Filter Repair -Grid replacement, manifolds, o-rings, backwash valves
  • Cartridge Filter Maintenance and Repair – Cartridges, manifolds, o-rings
  • Pool Sand Filter Maintenance and Repair – Media replacement (sand or glass), laterals, multi-port valves

How Often Should I Get My Pool Filter Cleaned?

Your pool’s filter should undergo a cleaning at least quarterly. The exact timing for a pool filter cleaning service depends on the type of filter, how often you use the pool, how hard the pool filter is working, and the pressure (or PSI) the equipment is facing. A trusted pool cleaning company will check your swimming pool filter weekly and schedule a pool filter cleaning when it is necessary.

Is Pool Filter Cleaning Service Included with Pool Maintenance?

Our San Diego pool cleaning service does not include filter cleans. Our experienced pool technicians will monitor filter pressure each week and will clean your filter quarterly to keep your pool equipment functioning optimally. We will bill these as separate line items to avoid confusion. No additional effort is required on your part for filter cleanings to take place. The cleanings typically take 1-2 hours and will be scheduled in advance.

Contact GL Pools for San Diego’s Top-Rated Pool Filter Cleaning Service

Regardless of your filter type, GL’s highly trained technicians can safely and efficiently perform pool filter cleaning, and by doing so, improve the efficiency with which your pool extracts dirt, debris, and foreign substances from your pool’s water. The investment is well worth it, as it will extend the life of your pool’s equipment and make the water safer and more pleasant to swim in.

Contact GL Pools to schedule your pool filter cleaning, maintenance, and repair service in San Diego today or give us a call at 619-374-9591!