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San Diego Pool Light Repair & Swimming Pool Light Installation Near You by GL Pools

Mixing electrical and water can be a very hazardous combination, this being truest during a San Diego pool light installation. When swimming in a pool lit with a pool light, you want the confidence that the pool light repair and installation was done carefully, and to current standards of California building code. The team at GL Pools can help provide that confidence in the safety of your light; we have completed hundreds of pool light repair jobs near you across San Diego County! Our team can help with any San Diego swimming pool repair.

San Diego Swimming Pool Light Repair and Installation

Safety Comes First: Swimming Pool Light Installation & Replacement Service

Spa and swimming pool light installation is a process that involves the removal of the light casing with a factory attached cord and pulling a new light cord through the underground sealed conduit. Proper San Diego pool light installation takes a deep understanding of the electrical requirements of the system. Pool lights must have a secure “bond” to the bonding grid of the pool, which can be made from either a low gauge bonding wire that runs inside of a plastic conduit, or the conduit itself (if made of copper). This bond provides that the electrical system of the equipment, the pool, and the surrounding area are “equipotential” (meaning electrical current has the potential to collect or disperse evenly away from the pool itself). In addition to this electrical safety measure, all California pool lights must be wired through a GFCI that has the ability to interrupt the current being sent to the light in case of any compromised electrical current due to damaged wires, or water entering the pool light casing or cord.

Pool light installation can be tricky; our trained San Diego swimming pool maintenance technicians conduct pool light replacements as a 2-person team so that one person can be pulling the light through the conduit while the other feeds it into the conduit. This method makes for a much higher success rate on pulling lights, and less wear and tear on the new cord itself.

Cost-Effective San Diego Pool Light Repair Near You

Pool and spa lights can often be rebuilt to extend their usable life once a bulb dies. GL’s San Diego pool service technicians will carefully remove the light from the niche, inspect the cord seal, front gasket, and overall condition of the light and decide if it’s safe to rebuild the light. If it is in suitable condition, the bulb may be replaced, and a new front gasket will be installed to preserve the waterproof capability of the light. The light will then be re-installed in the niche and tested.

Pool Light Repair Cost In San Diego

How much does it cost to replace a pool light? At GL Pools in San Diego, our inground pool light replacement and repair service is crafted to be budget-friendly and all-encompassing. The average cost of pool light repair services starts at a reasonable $275 and tops off at $300, our proficient technicians conduct a thorough evaluation of your pool or spa light. They meticulously scrutinize components such as the cord seal, front gasket, and the light fixture itself, determining its suitability for repair.

If deemed fit for restoration, we replace the bulb and fit a fresh front gasket to preserve its waterproofing. Following the reinstallation and testing, your pool or spa light will once again illuminate your space. Additionally, we provide a range of complimentary services including:

  • Light ring cleaning
  • LED programming
  • Automation integration
  • Junction box installation
  • GFCI replacement
  • Light wedge adjustment
  • Electrical system diagnosis to ensure a comprehensive lighting solution

Additional Pool Light Repair Service

  • Light Ring Cleaning
  • Programming LED and Color Show Lights
  • Connectivity with Automation
  • Installation or Replacement of Junction Boxes
  • GFCI Replacement
  • Light Wedge
  • Electrical Systems Diagnosis

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