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Trusted Reverse Osmosis Pool Service Near You

Here at GL Pools, our main goal is to provide our clients with premium pool cleaning services in San Diego. In order to stay consistent with that goal, we perform annual advanced water tests on every single one of our clients’ pools. We test for things like calcium hardness, cyanuric acid, and total dissolved solids. Over time, these things tend to build up which forces us to use excessive chemicals, makes it incredibly difficult to control algae, and risks the lifespan of your equipment and pool finish.

What is Reverse Osmosis for Pools?

Traditionally, a pool draining service has been used to restore water freshness. However, at GL Pools, we utilize a faster and more environmentally friendly process called reverse osmosis. Reverse osmosis for pools is a filtration process that reduces or eliminates harmful elements from your water, resulting in your pool looking and feeling cleaner without using the standard pool draining service process.

How is Reverse Osmosis Draining Different From Traditional Pool Draining Service?

While a traditional pool draining service of refilling your pool will likely solve a lot of the same problems that reverse osmosis for pools does, we typically recommend reverse osmosis over a traditional pool draining service for the following reasons:

  • It eliminates the risk of your pool “popping” due to a high-water table
  • It conserves approximately 80% of the water in the pool
  • Oftentimes, the water will actually be cleaner than the water that comes from the tap
  • Keeps pollutants out of the storm drain system, a concern according to the City of San Diego

What are the Risks of Not Draining Your Pool?

Too high of a calcium reading and you will be at a much higher risk of seeing calcium buildup on the tile and walls as well as adverse effects on LSI, which can make the water feel harsh and can damage the equipment and the plaster. In the case of too much cyanuric acid, it is a risk to your heater and plaster as it can strip out the copper lining in the heat exchangers, causing them to burst or to stain the plaster or tile in the pool. If TDS levels get too high, you might start experiencing skin/eye irritation as well as algae buildup or low water quality.

reverse osmosis pool service near San Diego, CA

Reverse Osmosis Pool Service Cost in San Diego

Pricing for pool reverse osmosis starts at $650, which includes the entire reverse osmosis process and the necessary chemicals needed to rebalance your pool. Since the process conserves approximately 80% of your existing water, you will see significant savings compared to refilling your pool.

How Long Does Pool Reverse Osmosis Take?

The whole reverse osmosis process for your pool takes 24-48 hours. Typically, our pool reverse osmosis begins in the morning, runs all day and night, and our team returns to the pool the next morning to finish the process and pick up the equipment. A trailer with a generator will be left nearby as well as hoses running to and from the pool.

Cost Of Pool Timer Repair in San Diego

GL Pools in San Diego provides customized pool timer repair services designed to meet your specific needs. Our pricing is determined by the complexity of the pool timer systems. For simple fixes, like older mechanical swimming pool pump timers, our services start at a reasonable $300.

However, with the advancement of pool technology, more sophisticated systems integrated into pool automation may require extensive repairs, potentially involving motherboard replacements and intricate high and low-voltage wiring. In such situations, the cost of pool timer repair can go up to $450. Be assured that our highly skilled technicians are well-prepared to address a wide range of pool timer issues, ensuring your pool operates at its best.

How Do I Find a Reputable Pool Draining Service Near Me?

Look no further than GL Pools pool maintenance and pool draining service near me! We know you want your pool to be clean and healthy every time you use it. Reverse osmosis for pools is a more convenient and environmentally friend option than draining pool water. Let our professional pool draining service technicians take the stress out of the pool draining service process by calling GL Pools today at 619-374-9591 or using our online form to get a free quote today!