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Deck-O-Seal Installation & Repair at GL Pools

Deck o seal is one of the most well-known and trusted expansion joint mastic products on the market. This product is important as it can help mitigate concrete movement and water intrusion behind pool walls. Proper deck o seal installation is important; If you skimp on mixing time, don’t ensure the area is dry or don’t allow proper curing time you can decrease the longevity of the product, and decrease the efficiency of the weather tight seal. If deck o seal installation is done correctly the outcome is a weatherproof seal that will last years and can match the aesthetics of the rest of your yard.

What is Deck-o-seal and Pool Mastic and Why Does It Matter?

Deck-o-seal is one product in a larger category of products, all of which exist to help seal the gap between your pool’s coping and your pool deck. The gap between these two concrete surfaces needs to be filled with a flexible and water-resistant adhesive called pool mastic to avoid water entering the crack and potentially compromising your pool’s structure.

Since this coping is exposed to the elements all day and night, and because your pool and the earth surrounding it are not static, these joints need to be watched to ensure they are doing their job of water-proofing the areas around your pool, ensuring any excess water makes it to a drain rather than into gaps around your pool.

Deck o Seal Repairs or Installation

There are certain cases where you can perform pool mastic repair without the need to perform a complete deck o seal installation. Depending on age, pliability and condition, small sections can be cut out and replaced with new material. Keep in mind that deck o seal repair is not frequently recommended. If cracking and separation has started to form, its usually a sign the material has hit the end of its excepted life.

Relax and Let Us Handle Your Deck O Seal

Deck-o-seal repairs are an efficient and inexpensive way to ensure the long-term health of your pool. There is no need to avoid dealing with this matter! So, whether you are replacing existing mastic, or are pouring mastic in a new joint for the first time, GL Pools has you covered with all your San Diego pool repairs. We have experience having poured thousands of feet of this product between a variety of surfaces and applications. Contact us today for advice or a quote!