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San Diego Pool Heater Replacement & Repair Services Near You

Pool and spa heating systems ultimately affect the usability and enjoyment San Diego pool owners can get out of their pool or spa. Whether you are an early morning or late-night swimmer, or you simply enjoy a mid-day break with a heated dip – our pool service professionals and heater installers near you want to make sure you always have that luxury.

Pool and spa heater repair can come in all shapes and sizes, from small sensor replacements, to replacing the copper tube bundle heat exchangers. When considering a swimming pool heater repair service, it’s important to find an experienced pool maintenance company near you. Here at GL Pools, we have worked on virtually every type of heat pump, performed many a pool heater installation in San Diego, and even have experience on solar pool heater repairs.

Pool heater repair

Types of Pool Heat Sources

A traditional gas heater is not the only option for maintaining warm swimmable water. Depending on your location there are a variety of options:

  • Thermal solar (ask us about pool solar heating repairs!)
  • Traditional gas heaters
  • Propane gas heaters (We perform propane pool heater installation and repairs)
  • Heat pumps
  • Covers that help retain heat

Regardless of how you heat your pool or spa, GL’s gas and solar pool heater repair team has the technical ability to diagnose any issues affecting your equipment and recommend an efficient and affordable swimming pool maintenance service near you.. Our company is licensed bonded, and insured, and focused on your family’s safety and the longevity of your pool’s equipment.

How Solar Pool Heating Can Extend Your Swimming Season and Save You Money

Swimming Pool Heater Installation Near You in San Diego

While there are many companies claiming to be experts in pool heater repair in San Diego, the GL Pools team is different. Many other companies book jobs but then subcontract the work out to another company whose quality and experience may be unvetted. At GL Pools, all of our swimming pool heater repair services are completed by our highly trained in-house team. You will have a single point of contact from quote to completion, and we will be your resource for any follow-ups or issues.

We also follow local and national building codes, consider client needs and budgets, and are focused on you and your family’s safety. While the concept of a pool heater might seem simple, there are a lot of safety factors that have to be considered. We are trained and equipped to provide the best pool heater installation from Santee to Oceanside and any other San Diego area near you with your safety and needs in mind.

Raypak Pool Heater Repair Near You

As San Diego’s leading swimming pool heater repair service and installation company, we have experience repairing all brands of heaters, but more than likely you’ll have one of these brands that are most common today:

  • Raypak 407
  • Pentair Mastertemp
  • Jandy JXI
  • Hayward HFN

Common Issues With Pool Heaters in San Diego

The last thing you want is to get your friends and family ready for a swim, just to learn the heat is out. Your pool is supposed to be a source of fun and relaxation and this scenario is downright stressful. Luckily, we are well-equipped to handle any issues you may have with your heater, including one of the most common issues: a failed thermal regulator.

What is a Thermal Regulator and How Do I Know It Needs Repair?

Thermal regulators, or sometimes referred to as thermal governors, are an essential part of any pool heating system. The thermal regulator is integral in controlling how much water passes through the heater, ultimately ensuring the temp stays consistently pleasant. It is also one of the most common reasons a pool heater will malfunction.

pool heater thermal regulator replacement san diego

If your pool is not being heated that’s an obvious sign something is wrong. However, even if it’s being heated, it may still require professional swimming pool repair from a licensed contractor. Common occurrences such as calcification and corrosion can negatively impact the thermal regulator, causing the water to get too hot or cold. In response, it will send an alert to the circuit board, flagging a heater high limit switch error code. If it gets too corroded or calcified, the heater may stop functioning altogether. With experience working on every heater brand you can imagine, our knowledgeable pool service technicians provide what you need with a quick turnaround – getting you back in the pool as quickly as possible.

Contact an Experienced San Diego Pool Heater Replacement & Repair Company Near You

GL Pools Team

Whether it’s a minor repair, a complete installation, or anything in between, GL Pools has experienced swimming pool repair technicians, and a deep team with knowledge and the know how to perform pool heater repair or pool heater installation when it’s time for replacement. Call 877-707-7665 today to speak with one of our friendly team members and get your pool heater repair job scheduled! You can also click here to submit a fast, no-obligation request and we’ll contact you as soon as possible.