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Swimming Pool Automation Systems

Pool automation has been around for many years. In its early days being able to turn your spa on with the touch of a button from inside your house was considered novel. Did you know that today, with different pool automation systems you can turn on any piece of your pool equipment from halfway around the world? You may never have a need for that level of distance and functionality, but you could have the spa ready as you head out of the office after a long day at work. Our team can help with any San Diego swimming pool repair.

Pool Automation Installation – Options Tailored to Your Needs

Pool control systems come in all shapes and sizes. From the most advanced smart pool control systems that can utilize smart phones, Alexa, and various pool remote control systems, to the most basic units that simply turn a pump on and off. At GL Pools pool maintenance team in San Diego have the know-how, experience and trained staff to install many varieties of control systems. Additionally, while some units have built in capabilities, there are also standalone automatic pool chemical monitor systems. So, if you want your pool automation to control everything, or you want only specific functionality we have you covered. While automation is almost never absolutely necessary, you get the most functionality and customization out of other pieces of your equipment like variable speed pumps, heaters and salt cells.

Pool Automation Systems and Other Controller Services and Repairs

At GL Pools we aren’t just an experienced pool cleaning company, we also have the ability and tools to repair existing swimming pool automation. Our team can handle all of your pool automation repair and installation needs – contact us today to get a no obligation quote from one of our expert repair technicians!

  • Automation installation and services offered
  • Complete automation installation, diagnoses, and repairs
  • Wireless controller installation, diagnoses and repairs
  • Wired controller installation, diagnoses and repairs
  • Smart digital pool controller capability set up, installation, and repairs
  • Actuator replacement, and customized set points
  • System high and low voltage checks, and repairs
  • Automation programming, and equipment scheduling
  • Basic timeclock installation, diagnoses and repairs

Let’s Automate Your Pool

GL’s team of licensed, bonded, and insured repair technicians can help get you on your way to a more optimized, automated pool experience, all while remaining focused on your family’s safety and the longevity of your pool’s equipment. Our relationships with some of the leading equipment providers means your product will be warrantied and most follow-on repairs related to the product’s performance should be covered at no cost to you.