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How Heavy Bather Loads Affect your Pool Cleaning Service

GL Pools Team
How Heavy Bather LoadsAffect your Pool Cleaning Service

by the Pool Service & Repair Experts at GL Pools

Swimming pool maintenance is a necessary part of pool ownership. Swimming pool cleaning keeps your pool looking great and keeps your pool algae-free. Swimming pool cleaning is especially important in the summer when our pools have heavy bather loads. For those that regularly invite others to enjoy their pool, consistent swimming pool cleaning is especially important. This is because large groups can have a detrimental impact on your pool’s chemical levels. Whether you’re taking care of your own pool maintenance or using a pool cleaning service, heavy bather loads can increase maintenance costs.

With a regularly scheduled pool cleaning service, standard chemicals are included in your pool maintenance costs. But when your pool is playing host to heavy bather loads, more chemicals are needed, which could potentially increase your monthly pool cleaning service costs. Beyond chemical levels, heavy bather loads can cause numerous other issues, including:

Water Safety and Clarity

A big part of swimming pool maintenance in Carlsbad and throughout San Diego is making sure that your pool chemicals are balanced. If you don’t keep up with your pool maintenance, your pool’s chemistry can become imbalanced and more than just the quality of your water can be compromised. Heavy bather loads are also known to introduce more debris and gunk which can clog your filter and lead to pool chemical imbalances and issues with pool filtration and circulation. Improper chlorine or pH levels or a blocked filter can quickly cause pool water to become murky and reduce visibility. And without proper swimming pool cleaning, problems can quickly worsen.

One of the biggest issues with cloudy pool water is not being able to see struggling swimmers. Poor visibility can also lead to extremely dangerous situations for pools with diving boards. Additionally, cloudy pool water caused by a lack of swimming pool maintenance may be a sign of elevated bacteria levels which could make swimmers sick.  If you want to avoid cloudy water during the busy summer months, you may need to spend some extra time on maintenance to keep your water looking crystal clear or leave the swimming pool cleaning to a licensed pool service professional.


If you’re hosting heavy bather loads and the chlorine gets depleted from the pool, there is a high potential for contaminants including algae growth.  And if you are allowing dogs to swim in your pool, be prepared to spend even more time on swimming pool cleaning. Dogs shed a lot and often have small amounts of fecal matter in their fur, causing contamination levels to become even higher. This can be problematic, especially when small children are ingesting the water. If you want to avoid waterborne illnesses like E. coli, Cryptosporidium, and Giardia, a swimming pool cleaning service is your best defense.

Prepare for Heavy Bather Loads

Just because heavy bather loads call for increased maintenance doesn’t mean you can’t continue to have friends and family over. In addition to utilizing a swimming pool cleaning service in San Diego here are several ways to prepare for heavy bather loads so you don’t find yourself having to deal with any of the previously mentioned issues. Some of the best ways to prepare include:

Rinse Off

If you visit a water park or local pool, you’ll notice they encourage guests to rinse off before entering the pool. That way, they aren’t dealing with compromised chemical levels and unsanitary waters and the need for swimming pool maintenance is lessened.

When you have heavy bather loads and no one takes the time to rinse off first, the pool’s chemistry can be compromised. This is especially true in the summertime months. So, the next time you have a large group of swimmers over, ask them to rinse off before getting into the pool. It’ll keep your water cleaner and reduce the need for pool maintenance.

Request Added Chemicals

When you know you’ll be expecting heavy bather loads throughout the summer, it is much easier to prepare ahead of time and avoid costly maintenance efforts. When you know in advance that you’re going to have a heavy bather load, request that your Chula Vista pool cleaning service add extra chemicals or supply them to you so you can do the maintenance yourself.

Increase the System’s Runtime

Want to extend the amount of time between your scheduled swimming pool cleaning service in San Diego? By increasing the amount of time your pool pump runs filtration before and after heavy use, you can help ensure proper circulation in your pool. Doing so helps filter out extra debris and bacteria as well as ensure that your pool chemicals are evenly spread. The actual run time that works best will vary based on several factors: how many people are swimming, if pets are using the pool, the size of your pool, the type of system you have, and whether you have a pool cover or utilize a pool vacuum.

Add a Salt Cell

For pools that see heavy amounts of usage, a salt cell or salt chlorine generator can help ensure your chlorine stays at the proper levels making pool maintenance easier. This can be achieved with a swimming pool automation system.

Adding Water Features

If you want to avoid the need for extra swimming pool maintenance, adding features that break the water surface tension can be incredibly helpful. In fact, they help with your swimming pool cleaning by oxidizing organic materials, pathogens, and other contaminants.

A water feature can improve water quality in a heavily used pool. They improve water circulation, help disperse pool chemicals evenly, discourage algae growth, and even make pH control easier by aerating the water.

GL Pools Make Heavy Bather Loads No Problem

As a leading swimming pool cleaning service in San Diego, GL Pools understands the importance of a clean, well-balanced swimming pool. After all, what’s better than enjoying a refreshing dip after a long day or week of work? Just remember having large groups over to swim can have a negative impact on your pool’s health, but to do to avoid this is be prepared. For more information on how a pool cleaning service can combat heavy bather load issues, contact GL Pools today.