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Why Do I Keep Getting Algae? Q&A With Our CEO

Austin Gardiner

Nobody wants the neighborhood swamp. If the only swimmers you are getting are the perennial mosquito larvae, here are some ways to restore your pool to be a healthy, beautiful oasis:

  • Chemistry – Poor water chemistry is a big contributor for algae growth. Keep the pH balanced at 7.2-7.8. Chlorine is less effective when pH is too high, and it’s too aggressive when pH is too low. A free Chlorine residual of 3.0-5.0 will help to sanitize and limit algae growth.
  • Filtration – We recommend cleaning the circulation filter every 6 months, and as a rule of thumb, keep it within 10 PSI of the starting clean pressure. A clean filter saves you money by preventing broken cartridges and grids, and keeping your electrical costs down. The flow rate will be higher, and the amp draw will be lower on the motor.
  • Turnover – This is the equation of calculating the amount of time it takes to filter the entire gallonage of the pool. It’s important to achieve a rate of at least 1 turnover per day. Here is a website to help calculate your turnover rate:
  • Organics – Limit the amount of organic material (soils, leaves, fertilizers, pollen) entering the pool. Basically, stop feeding the algae! Emptying baskets, and having the pool professionally cleaned once a week will help tremendously. Brushing dusty areas and low flow corners will keep the algae from being able to form. Trim plants away from the pools edge and consider getting a cleaner to keep organics from sitting stagnant on the pool floor.

Perhaps the biggest reason for algae growth is that many pool owners are extremely busy and managing a pool can be time consuming. We’d love to help you turn your backyard chore into a relaxing, fun feature of your home. Contact us today for advice or a quote on pool cleaning in Mission Valley and throughout San Diego!

-Austin, Owner/CFO