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Swimming Pool Salt Cells

GL Pools Team

by the Pool Service & Repair Experts at GL Pools

It’s no secret that, while necessary, regularly scheduled swimming pool maintenance can be intimidating and quite time-consuming. Nevertheless, failure to keep up on these duties can lead to costly repairs, maintenance, and an inability to access your pool anytime you’d like. However, there are many tools out there that can ultimately make it a bit easier to keep your pool at 100%. One such tool is a salt cell. But what is a salt cell? A salt cell or salt generator is employed within saltwater pools and serves to generate chlorine, primarily for water sanitation, but that’s not all. A salt cell also serves to achieve the following:

  • Providing lower operating costs for chemicals
  • Promoting softer and gentler pool contents that are friendlier on the eyes and skin
  • Regulating chemistry
  • Increasing the consistency of proper chemical levels

Pool Salt Cell Maintenance

As part of a regular saltwater pool maintenance program, we maintain optimal salt levels of 3500-4000 PPM, adding salt as needed. The technician will monitor and adjust the output of the salt cell to ensure there is enough chlorine in your pool without going over the recommended amount.

Keep in mind that without professional assistance, many common errors can occur, including:

  • Too much salt, which can force you to have to drain your pool
  • Not enough salt, which could lead to algae growth
  • A salt cell’s inability to produce salt in the winter due to lower temperatures

However, when you opt for professional salt cell installation, there are a few things to be aware of. These include:

  • Higher upfront costs amid installation
  • Potentially required salt cell replacement every 3-5 years (offered by GL Pools)
  • Power center installation, with integration into your current plumbing via the return lines – or new plumbing installation if necessary (offered by GL Pools) – and while a fuse or transformer may go bad, they do not have a lot of wear and tear and can always be repaired

Swimming Pool Maintenance for Pool Salt Cell

No matter what components you choose to add to your backyard oasis, regularly scheduled pool maintenance and repair should not only be considered but carried out to prevent larger problems in the future. And when it comes to salt cells, the same is true to ensure proper operation and efficiency. But what does that look like? What sorts of pool maintenance should be performed to guarantee the efficacy of your swimming pool salt cell?

  • Regular cleaning every 3-months to remove calcium buildup, which could impact the current of electricity running through the titanium plates. If neglected, this issue could cause it to produce less electricity than is needed, ending in flow issues as read by the flow sensor
  • Using a mild acid and water solution of 4:1, cleaning your salt cells will ultimately boil away calcium (GL Pools pairs salt cell cleaning with a swimming pool filter cleaning to increase efficiency and add value delivery to clients)

While salt cell installation and maintenance can seem complicated, a pool maintenance company will uncomplicate the matter and make things easy for you.

Get Your Salt Cell Installed Today

When it comes to the health and sanctity of your little backyard escape, the last thing you want is for anything to compromise it. Luckily for those with a saltwater pool, the proper installation of a salt cell can make things that much easier on you. So, if you’re ready to take control of your swimming pool and ensure its adequately balanced not just with salt but also with the proper chemicals, contact us today, the San Diego pool service experts to find out how we can be of assistance.