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Swimming Pool Repair: Pool Light Repair and Pool Light Replacement

GL Pools Team

by the Pool Service & Repair Experts at GL Pools

Swimming pool lights do more than just light up your pool, they also add ambiance to your backyard oasis on even the darkest nights. If the idea of sitting in the moonlight under the stars while enjoying your pool sounds good, you must install and properly maintain a swimming pool light. Luckily, if you think you need swimming pool light repair or complete swimming pool light replacement in San Diego, we have you covered.

How Do I Know it’s Time for Swimming Pool Light Repair?

From light bulb issues to breaker problems, there are several reasons you may need pool light repair. That’s why you need to troubleshoot pool light systems when an issue arises. Because while entire swimming pool light fixtures sometimes do require replacement, it’s just as likely to be an issue with the light tripping a GFCI circuit. The next time your pool light appears not to be working, we recommend first resetting your circuit breaker. Otherwise, you’ll likely need a professional to check the bulbs.

But when is a pool light no longer repairable? Unfortunately, sometimes pool lights face bigger, long-term problems that can cause irreversible damage to fixtures. One of the more common components of a pool’s light system is the gasket. If it’s broken on the fixture or grommet where the cord meets the bulb and is affected by moisture, for example, your light might not be fixable. However, if the gasket break is caught in time, this isn’t always the case. If it turns out moisture is not tripping the GFCI, then the bulbs and gasket can be replaced with the help of a skilled technician.

How Do I Know it’s Time for Swimming Pool Light Replacement?

If you require swimming pool light replacement entirely, our technicians can quickly replace bulbs, giving the consumer the choice between an array of options including LED, incandescent, or color LED. Our experts are also careful to use a corresponding bulb from the same manufacturer in pools with lighting automation. While pool light replacement is obviously beneficial for illuminating your swimming pool in the dark, we provide many other pool repair services including taking the time to inspect the fixture to determine whether repair or replacement is necessary. For instance, if we were to discover the internal fixture is cracked, charred, or rusted, pool light replacement may not be adequate in the long run.

Should you require the replacement of your entire fixture and cord, you don’t have to drain the entire pool, despite popular belief. However, it will take two of our technicians – one of which is submerged in the pool to complete the physical replacement. Sometimes you will also need to replace 50-100 feet of conduit stretching from the fixture housing to the junction box; all in all, this procedure can take a few hours to complete.

GL Pools San Diego Pool Repair

If you are looking for pool light repair near me, the experts at GL Pools will provide you with all the swimming pool repair services one could ever need. From emergency repairs to system automation and regularly scheduled cleaning sessions.

When it comes to pool light repair or pool light replacement, we understand the danger that’s involved when mixing electricity and H20. That’s why we make it easy to schedule service with one of our highly trained technicians. When hired, you can feel confident that all pool light repairs and replacements are done by the book – ensuring your complete safety and satisfaction. Contact us today for more information about pool light repair services and more.