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San Diego Pool Repair and Pool Pump Replacement

GL Pools Team
Pool Pump Replacement

by the Pool Service & Repair Experts at GL Pools

Having a pool is a luxury and can be downright therapeutic. After a long week of hard work, nothing is better than relaxing poolside with family and friends. But what if you’re having issues with your pool pump and need pool pump repair? What does pool pump maintenance entail? And what are some signs that you might have a pool plumbing problem? Let’s explore.

First, while a pool can continue to run for a couple of days without a working pump, it is not ideal for letting the problem continue very long for many reasons. For starters, your pool is likely to experience an algae bloom if it sits without a running pump. And without chemicals being circulated and water being filtered, your pool will inevitably end up a not so lovely shade of green.

While a pool pump typically lasts 8-10 years, a few factors can ultimately shorten that lifespan.

Common causes that could trigger a need for pool pump repair or pool pump replacement:

  • Low water levels – If your pool is left underfilled for prolonged periods, the pump will inevitably run dry, overheat, and cause a pump failure.
  • Broken basket –When the skimmer basket in your pump is clogged or damaged, you are susceptible to debris reaching the pump. And once this happens, the pump is likely to cease moving water.
  • Neglected O-rings –It’s ideal that pool owners regularly check and replace the O-rings found on the valves in front of the pump. Otherwise, you’ll be left without a tight seal, which could lead to an air leak and cause the pump to burnout.
  • Ignored leaks – All leaks must be handled promptly. Otherwise, too much water dripping can mess up both the bearings and coils.

Luckily, if you are a pool owner in the San Diego area, our in-house pool repair team offers a weekly pool service option that can prevent these occurrences and extend the life of your pool pump.

Speeds and Compatibility

Recently, a CA law stating it’s illegal to run a single speed pump was signed into a similar federal law. So, because single speed motors are not legally allowed to be manufactured anymore, now is the time to make the switch. Why? Because they’re better for the consumer, energy-efficient, and can run longer without blowing up your electric bill. For example, the Pentair Whisperflow is being replaced by the Pentair Intelliflow VSF. These variable speed pumps can go from 450 to 3450 RPMs. However, it’s important not to let it run at its highest speed continuously as it hurts the level of efficiency.

If you happen to have a Pentair system, we can replace your old pump with a new Pentair to match the original plumbing. If you have an existing Hayward system, we can set you up with either a Hayward pump or a Jandy one with a few add-ons.  Finally, we can customize all speeds and schedules to successfully address dead spots in the pool while ensuring optimal clean times and energy savings.

For more information on pool repair Carlsbad, La Mesa pool repair, or pool repair near me, contact us today. Whether you require pool pump replacement, pool plumbing, pool pump repair, or other pool pump maintenance – we’ve got you covered.