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Pool and Spa Myths Debunked: Clearing the Air on Chlorine, Saltwater Pools, and Pool Services

GL Pools Team
Pool and Spa Myths Debunked: Clearing the Air on Chlorine, Saltwater Pools, and Pool Services

By the Pool Service & Repair Experts at GL Pools

Many envision endless hours of relaxation, enjoyment, and fun-filled gatherings when owning a pool or spa. While this is undoubtedly true, it is essential to recognize the responsibility of owning such an aquatic amenity and understand common pool myths and facts for proper swimming pool maintenance. Offering top-tier pool services, GL Pools is committed to ensuring your pool and spa care goes beyond aesthetics; it’s also a matter of health and safety for everyone who dips their toes into their crystal-clear waters.

Ultimately, pool myths can lead to serious consequences. Often, if the water looks clear, we assume it’s also clean and safe. However, appearances can be deceiving. Harmful bacteria and contaminants can lurk beneath the surface, posing potential health risks to swimmers. As part of our comprehensive swimming pool services, we’ll help you understand that the truth behind these misconceptions is the first step in creating a safe, inviting and healthy aquatic environment.

Myth #1: A Strong Chlorine Smell Indicates Excessive Chlorine

One of the most common of all the pool myths is when we smell chlorine and tend to suspect the presence of excess amounts within the water. However, the “chlorine” smell isn’t really chlorine at all. In fact, the smell people often mistake as chlorine is from chloramines – a substance that forms when chlorine meets contaminants in the water. Whether it’s sweat, urine, or body oils, that smell means the chlorine is doing its job! And once the contaminants are dealt with, the smell typically goes away.

Should this smell bother you, your San Marcos pool cleaning service can prevent it by taking the proper measures, including those below.

  • Maintain proper chemistry at all times, as chlorine, pH, and conditioner all influence chlorine’s ability to eliminate bacteria.
  • Oxidize your pool/spa using jets/spillover or non-chlorine shock.
  • Encourage guests to shower before entering the pool.
  • Avoid overheating the pool/spa as it can accelerate the formation of chloramines.
  • Allow covered pools/spas to breathe/oxidize to help disperse chloramines.
  • Run your pump/filter regularly, cleaning the filter quarterly to ensure optimal water quality. 

Myth #2: Saltwater Pools Don’t Contain Chlorine

The second on our list of pool myths is that saltwater pools don’t contain chlorine. However, that isn’t accurate. In fact, saltwater pools possess what’s known as a salt cell chlorine generator, or salt cell for short. Its purpose is to utilize a process called electrolysis to produce chlorine gas from the salt water within the pool.

If you have a salt cell and are curious about properly maintaining it, continue reading below.

  • Check your salt cells and clean them regularly (around every three months)
  • GL Pools charges nothing for additional salt cell cleaning for those on a quarterly pool filter cleaning schedule.
  • We understand that salt cells must be checked regularly, so we’re happy to come out regularly for thorough pool cleaning services you can trust.

Myth #3: All Pool Services are the Same

Another common misconception in swimming pool myths and facts is that all pool services are identical. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth. We’ve all heard the saying, “You get what you pay for.” And when it comes to pool cleaning services, that couldn’t ring truer. At GL Pools, we’re proud to offer top-quality pool services delivered by highly trained experts. When you choose one of our swimming pool services plans, here’s what you can expect:

  • In-house San Diego pool repair, installations, and startups
  • Full-time client care specialists ready to take your call
  • Emergency on-call technicians
  • Weekly pool services report emails with pictures
  • All GL Pools technicians are uniformed, background checked, and highly trained to provide exceptional service

Busting Pool Myths with GL Pools

As one of the leading swimming pool companies in San Diego, GL Pools believes that a well-informed pool owner makes for a safer, healthier pool. That’s why we’re committed not just to maintaining your pool, but also to educating our clients about swimming pool myths and facts as well as the intricacies of pool and spa maintenance services. Armed with the right information, you can debunk myths and maintain the ideal environment for relaxation and recreation. Reach out to us today, to debunk these myths together for a safer, healthier, happier pool experience.