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Experience Unmatched Expert Spa Cleaning Services & Care

GL Pools Team
Experience Unmatched Expert Spa Cleaning Services & Care

By the Pool Service & Repair Experts at GL Pools

When it comes to pool and spa maintenance, GL Pools stands as an industry leader due to its prioritization of customer care and high-quality service. Our specialized care ranges from spa cleaning services to spa maintenance, and each member of our team has the experience and knowledge necessary to satisfy all your pool and spa cleaning service needs in the San Diego area. 

In this blog, we will discuss our hot tub cleaning service and San Diego pool repair, providing you with everything you need to know the next time you’re in need of spa cleaning services. With countless successfully maintained spas and pools under our belt, GL Pools’ experienced professionals are armed with industry-leading knowledge and skills, continually elevating the standard of spa cleaning service.

Understanding the Different Types of Spas

As you can imagine, there are several diverse types of spas or hot tubs, Jacuzzis, and whirlpools out there. These smaller, more frequently heated, and covered bodies of water fit into one of the categories found below.

Above Ground Spas

Above-ground spas, typically designed to accommodate 4–6-people, are durable and long-lasting, often constructed of either fiberglass or plastic. This type of spa has self-containing equipment and is almost always covered to retain its warm temperature.

In-Ground Standalone Spas

In-ground standalone spas, on the other hand, are typically larger than their above-ground alternative. In terms of composition, in-ground standalone spas can be constructed of pebbles, plaster, fiberglass, or a mixture of pebbles and plaster.

Pool + Spa Combos

This third type of spa does not require special treatment as it shares the pool’s water and, therefore, its chemistry and filtration.

Tackling the Challenges of Spa Maintenance

Maintaining a spa can be more challenging than pool cleaning due to its smaller size and higher water temperature. Sadly, the warm water in spas creates an ideal environment for bacteria and algae to grow, accelerating changes in chemistry levels and requiring more frequent treatments and cleaning. Spa maintenance is more delicate and complex, demanding a more comprehensive understanding of water chemistry and demanding more careful monitoring and adjustments.

The smaller size of a spa also means that any imbalances In the water chemistry can quickly affect the water quality and comfort of the users. Of course, this can be bad news when your spa is used regularly. Additionally, spas are covered, which, while helpful for limiting evaporation, can compromise your spa’s oxidation. As a result, the chlorine tries to oxidize bacteria but becomes trapped instead, causing a strong chlorine smell that results from chloramines.

Finally, there’s no way to use a large vacuum for removing dirt, dust, and debris, meaning one must use a small, battery-powered vacuum or spa wand instead. Luckily, those needing of a reliable hot tub maintenance service can depend on the experts at GL Pools all season long.

What Does the GL Pools Spa Treatment Approach Look Like?

At GL Pools, we understand how important it is that you’re able to relax in your spa after a long, hard day. That’s why we offer a comprehensive array of spa maintenance and spa cleaning services to San Diego residents. Our process is both streamlined and professional for optimal, long-lasting results. Not only does our team excel at handling your spa’s more precise chemical dosing needs, but we also offer regular drains and refills (every 3-6 months, as recommended).

To ensure your spa remains balanced, healthy, and comfortable between visits, we recommend allowing your spa to breathe (coverless) with the jets running following every use. Should you require spa repair, know that GL Pools proficiently handles in-ground spa repair. For above-ground spas, we refer these services to our trusted partners ensure every job meets high-quality standards.

Entrust GL Pools with All Your Spa Maintenance Needs If you’re a spa owner in the San Diego area and believe you could benefit from regular spa maintenance, swimming pool maintenance, and spa cleaning services, GL Pools is the team for the job. From balancing its chemistry to keeping it clean and safe, we’ve got you covered with a comprehensive hot tub cleaning service you can trust. Contact us today to get set up with a consultation. From Del Mar to Poway, Santee to Bonita, our experienced team will assess your specific needs and offer tailored spa cleaning services, ensuring it remains a sanctuary for relaxation and tranquility. As one of the most reputable pool companies serving San Diego, our dedicated team of experts is ready to address your inquiries and schedule your initial appointment.