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Taking Customer Care To Another Level

Kristin Gardiner

At GL Pools we value our customers highly! This means we go the extra mile and make sure our customers know they are important to us. A few ways we care for our customers are through relationship, efficiency, and quality service.


We love getting to know our clients! Our service techs often spend a bit of time talking with clients and learning about them while servicing their pool. When there are major events happening in our customers lives, we like to be aware so we can celebrate the joyous times and express regret in the mournful. Sometimes our customers can’t be home when their pool is being serviced. In that case, we love petting their furry, four legged family members, and showing them some love!


GL Pools values customers’ time, that’s why we provide easy and convenient ways to view and pay invoices. Most of our customers receive invoices via email and can pay online with a couple easy clicks or, even better, sign up for auto-pay. If a customer would rather call and talk to a real person, we do our best to answer the phone immediately. If we miss you, expect a timely response!

Premium Service

At GL Pools, we understand our clients work hard for their paychecks and want peace of mind! With our regular service visits, customer’s equipment is being properly cared for and inspected to ensure it lives a full life. When repairs or replacements are needed, our Repair Manager, Brock, recommends products he trusts. Our team is continuously expanding their knowledge on the best products on the market, so our customers can know they will be taken care of by some of the best in San Diego!