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Pool Filter Cleaning (Cartridge)

GL Pools Team
Pool Filter Cleaning

by the Pool Service & Repair Experts at GL Pools

When it comes to pools and hot tubs, it’s essential to keep up with regular swimming pool maintenance and cleaning for the health of your pool system. One critical area to check and clean regularly is your cartridge filter. This is especially true when you consider the fact that it’s your pool filter that’s responsible for collecting any dirt, hair, skin cells, bacteria, and other water pollutants. Pool filter cleaning is vital for water clarity and the prevention of debris buildup and cloudy water.

You should check and clean your filters regularly rather than waiting for signs of needing attention. Waiting six months to a year for pool cartridge filter cleaner upkeep will likely cause inefficiency. Signs to watch out for include:

  • Restricted water flow
  • Spike in water pressure 
  • Debris traveling back into your pool
  • Filter ceasing to work properly

How often is often enough for pool filter cleaning? Whether family and pets regularly use your pool, or it’s exposed to landscape elements, you should consider hiring a pool cleaning service. A pool cleaning service can ensure your pool stays clean after regular use and can perform maintenance on your Cartridge and Diatomaceous Earth or DE Filter so your filter is operating at optimal performance. We recommend performing a pool filter service alongside a salt cell cleaning since your pool will be switched off at that time. A filter clean cures your cartridge filter of any debris buildup and also increases the efficiency of the filter.

Choose the Right Cartridge Filter for Your Pool

When it comes time to decide which type of filter is best, there are a few things you should know. For instance, when it comes to cartridge filters, they do not provide any backwash option. And while other types of filters allow such an option, it is indeed not ideal because the water is then running through the system backward, potentially causing damage and eventual breakage to your grids. Moreover, cartridge filters are the better option in terms of easy cleanup if you don’t have grass and landscaping to worry about.

If you do have landscape elements to worry about, a DE filter is more effective in terms of filtration. A sand filter is another option, but you’re not likely to need a sand filter cleaner in San Diego. Sand filters are most common in states like Arizona for use in residential areas due to the desert sand landscape. No matter which type of filter you use, when GL Pools performs a pool filter cleaning, we guarantee the system is cleaned thoroughly.

Along with pool filter cleaning, you’ll also want to check the filter regularly to ensure it’s in one piece. Why? Because there are multiple occurrences that are common with filters used over time. For instance, when they’re disassembled and reassembled regularly for pool cartridge filter cleaner maintenance, they can suffer tears or breakage in various parts from the manifest to the air relief tube, screen, and more. Once this happens, you’re likely to have debris running back into your pool.

Pool Cartridge Filters and Cleaning at GL Pools

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