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Pool Automation

GL Pools Team
Pool Automation

by the Pool Service & Repair Experts at GL Pools

In the end, pool ownership is all about luxury and convenience—at least it should be. And one thing that makes it undoubtedly easier to care for your swimming pool is pool automation. But what are pool automation systems? And how exactly does pool automation make it easy to maintain that luxurious environment you’ve come to rely on after a long week at work? Simply put, swimming pool automation automates your pool equipment, including any water features (slides, fountains, waterfalls, etc.), the spa, pump speed, cleaning schedule, solar panels and temperature control, pool lights, and schedule times. As a part of the San Diego pool service offerings at GL Pools, we are happy to offer a variety of pool automation systems to make your life that much easier, with access to your backyard vacation spot whenever you need it. Take a look at the benefits of pool automation systems below.

  • Easy maintenance
  • Reduced energy use
  • Increased convenience
  • Saves money
  • Balances and protects pool water
  • Provides you with complete control despite your physical location

Stay in Control of Your Pool’s Every Feature and Function with Pool Automation

Pool automation systems are perfect for controlling your pool and spa when you’re away from your home and allow you to conveniently manage your pool’s features from inside the house. In terms of flexibility, you can also install spa-side controls should you deem that a necessity. However, the controls and wiring require replacement periodically, making it better to go the wireless option or connect right from your phone. When it comes to automation, there are a variety of different brands available.

So, it’s up to you to decide which swimming pool automation system is suitable for your pool. Picking out the right system will help you successfully attain your vision, whether you’re automating an existing pool or preparing for construction on a new swimming pool. And with many different configurations from which to choose, it’s highly beneficial to identify your needs based on whether you have a pool, pool/spa combination, or something else.

Speaking of brands, much of your decision will rely on how you’d like to control the system itself. For example, some systems can tie into Savant, which works specifically with the brands Pentair, Nest, and Alexa. Other well-known systems that are worth considering include Intellitouch, Easytouch, AquaLink RS, Hayward OmniLogic, and many more. At GL Pools, we aim to make this choice as convenient as possible. With regular swimming pool maintenance our team can set schedules to run for the optimal amount of time promoting just the right among of water turnover. And, in the end, ensuring the utmost efficiency from an electrical standpoint.

GL Pools Total Pool Automation and San Diego Pool Service Provider

GL Pools understands better than anyone how frustrating it can be when you’re ready to take a dip at the end of a long day, but instead, you find yourself left with a dirty or otherwise inaccessible swimming pool. That’s why we take pool automation seriously, providing our customers with the best in terms of both regular maintenance and swimming pool automation selections. So, whether you are awaiting construction on a new backyard pool or you’re ready to bring an already existing pool up to date with a completely automated system you can control from the comfort of your phone—GL Pools can help. All you need to do is contact our experts for more information, and together we can figure out your best option for moving forward. Check us out today to discover all that we can do for you.